Photo: Offshore wind farm near the island of Helgoland in Germany, picture taken from the boat

Estonia - first in the renewable energy cooperation mechanisms

The Ministry of the Environment announced the d...

The Ministry of the Environment announced the disclosure of the EIA report of the Hiiumaa Offshore Wind Farm

Estonia's top court revokes Hiiumaa wind farms plan

Estonia Targets 2030 with Offshore Wind

2nd tier court dismisses complaint of opponents of Hiiumaa wind farm

Estonia’s First Offshore Wind Farm Step Closer to Reality

Nelja Energia, Hiiu municipality sign contract to build offshore wind farm

Estonian Offshore Wind Project Moves Forward

President of Estonia: renewable energy is needed and opposition to offshore wind park is not understandable

EIA materials published

Estonia in talks to get a large offshore wind array financed by EU partners 

Minister of the Environment: Paris Agreement entered into force, it is time to act

Ministers signed a plan how to boost offshore wind energy

Estonia is pushing ahead with plans for a large offshore wind farm

Nelja Energia wants to start construction of Hiiumaa offshore farm soon

MOU signed by Hiiu Parish and Nelja Energia

Estonian companies developing new ice resistand wind turbine foundation